Who Are You Marketing To?


When making changes in your restaurant, do you know the top three categories of diners you should consider? Familiarizing yourself with these groups can help cater a restaurant experience for success. Not all may apply to your particular restaurant, but we’re pretty sure at least one will! Restaurant.com has done the legwork for you—here’s the typical type of folks that will walk through your door:

The Tech-Savvy Younger Parent

YoungFamilyThese parents are deal hunters and carry several apps on their phone to do the searching. Their phone is also a tool to read more about a restaurant before they dine—to read/write reviews or even post a picture of their food. This is a great reason to beef up your website and offer promotions for reviews. A five-star review could bring in more diners.

How do you win over the tech-savvy mom? Make her decision easy. Those reviews will help, but oftentimes, this parent is multi-tasking with kids in tow so appeal to her quick wit by grabbing her fast! This tech-savvy parent really enjoys fitness, home improvement, photography and crafting—so get creative!

Time-Starved Older ParentOlderFamily

This group of diners consider themselves deal-savvy but are less likely than younger parents to utilize deals on their phone. Time is more important than money—their days are full of sporting events, family time and home improvements. Cater to this group by offering family style meals or “In & Out in Under an Hour” promotions that encourage fun for the whole family and keep them on-schedule. This group possesses brand loyalty and will repeat dine as long as the experience is a positive one!

The Adventurous Single

Dining out is a social event, an opportunity to make friends and catch up with old ones. This translates to shared plates, cocktails and long times to flip a table.AdventurousSingles Use it to your advantage! These diners go out about 15 times a month, have adventurous taste and enjoy exotic cuisines. They use their phone to find deals, order carryout and make reservations. They’re easy to please and flexible, but also cost-conscious.

Now that you know the types of diners that frequent your establishment—use these tips to your advantage to make subtle changes in your marketing efforts. Good luck!