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shutterstock_164797130_webIt’s almost impossible to tell friends and family about that great restaurant that serves your favorite dishes up in a friendly, professional way that keeps you coming back for more. To state the obvious: make sure your customers and potential customers can find you!

And while this seems like a no-brainer reminder, we know that as a restaurant owner, some days it’s challenging enough to run your restaurant, let alone thinking about how best to market it.

And that’s where we come in.

We’ve weeded through all advice and information that undoubtedly comes your way geared towards maximizing your customer reach. Here’s a consolidated, simplified list of simple, but essential, things you can do to get your name out, and bring your customers in.

Keep your online presence as fresh as your ingredients.

Your website is a reflection of your business’s unique personality and is where an increasing number of people will go first to decide whether or not to visit your restaurant. If you have a website, here are a few things worth asking yourself:

  • Is your address and phone number listed correctly? How about your hours of operation?
  • Is the look and feel consistent with your restaurant’s unique character?
  • Are the menu items featured the ones currently offered at your restaurant?

No website? No problem.

There are simple, templated programs that make it surprisingly simple to get a professional website for your restaurant up and running in no time…with no technical or design experience needed.

Palette-Pleasing Pictures.shutterstock_47064283_trans_web

It doesn’t take more than a few tempting pictures to shed your business in a fresh, appetizing light. And speaking of light, here are some simple tips to help the most inexperienced photographers create some mouthwatering food snapshots:

  • Use natural light. By using a softbox to diffuse sunlight or opting for window light, you’ll see the subtle difference that brings out the best in your food’s presentation.
  • Strong perspective. Try capturing images from different angles and then compare which ones best represent your food. 
  • Post processing. Most importantly, make sure that your food doesn’t show white where it shouldn’t. Also, some subtle HDR processing does wonders to make your food look fresh and vibrant.

If you’re not already listed, get listed …accurately… on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The major search engines can be your greatest connection to new and existing customers. Even if you think they have your business’s information, do yourself a favor and verify it. The least you’ll get is peace of mind…the most is a boost in business. Click the links below to confirm or update your listed information.
Google Maps » 

Yahoo Local » 

Bing Local » 

shutterstock_177088463_webTime For A Boost?

When it comes to the look and ambiance of your restaurant, there’s a big difference between “retro” and “ready for a makeover”. If you’re somewhere in between the two, some simple updates are easier than you think. Just a few ideas would be to:

  • Update the graphics on the front window or door.
  • Give your menu board an update.
  • Throw a simple relaunch party to get people talking about and trying your restaurant.