What’s in a Name?


Hello my name isWe are changing the name of the team that supports you, our restaurant partners, from Partner Relations to Partner Success.  Great… is this even blog-worthy?  As the leader in your restaurant, you can appreciate the value of having your team connect with your vision.


Historically, Partner Relations has been all about maintaining great partner relationships.  This involved staying in contact with our partners, taking support calls, etc.  We have connected with thousands of restaurants over the years, and we’ve gotten very good at what we do.


Then, back in April, we launched our Partner Advantage program, a set of restaurant business solutions that will save you time and money.  We started being more proactive in our communications.  We focused more on solving problems than just answering questions.  We enhanced our capability to help you market your restaurant.


And that’s when the change started.  No longer are we just supporting our partners with our core certificate program, we are now helping them solve problems with real solutions.  We listen differently, we’re becoming more creative, and we’re bringing you more value.


We’ve always had your best interests at our core, and with new solutions, skills, and an improved perspective, we are more excited than ever to help you succeed.  Partner Success – your success – is the motivator for everything we do.


I encourage you to look at your team with a fresh perspective as well.  Changing a title or refocusing your team’s strategy might make a difference for you, too.