We’re Celebrating 15 Years!

15thAnniversaryBANNERimageRestaurant.com is pleased to announce a successful and prosperous 15 years in the business—a feat that has only been possible with restaurant partners like you. Together, we’ve delivered deals and promotions that diners use every day to celebrate the things special in their lives, like birthdays, new jobs—and of course anniversaries themselves!

As the nation’s largest dining deals website—and largest marketing site for restaurants just like yours, you’ve been our main focus. We’ve brought online marketing trends and industry insights straight to your inbox.  We’ve worked hard to build a reputation that diners can take with them on vacation, use towards special occasions and most recently use towards an impromptu dinner, by purchasing certificates from their smartphones!

As a Partner of Restaurant.com, we hope you’re taking advantage of the benefits our program has to offer:

Diner Contact Information. Keep in touch with your diners. You’ll receive the email address of folks that have enjoyed your restaurant. Now, reach out and invite them back! Offer promotions, specials—or just say thank you for coming in!

Verified Ratings & Reviews. VerifiedDinerGet feedback from real diners…what they loved and what may need a little work. Diners also have an opportunity to give a star rating based on how much they enjoyed their dining experience.

The Partner Advantage. Looking for a new POS system? A more secure credit card processing application? You’ll find it in the Partner Advantage. Leverage the power of the Restaurant.com network with discounted solutions for your restaurant.

These are just a few of the perks that our Partners get to utilize every single day. Share with us your experiences with Restaurant.com. Like you, we’re always looking for feedback to keep our customers (you) happy and prosperous. Give us a call at 1-877-640-1844 or drop an email to pr@restaurant.com.

Here is some of the great feedback we’ve received from a few of our valued restaurant partners:

The program works very well for us, and it actually works better than some of the programs out there. We have tried other discounts and we get the most back from Restaurant.com. Since we have started with Restaurant.com we haven’t really had to do any other marketing. The program has improved business dramatically. Since we started the program we have seen a lot more full paying customers. The restaurant is making a lot more money right now and so is the staff. They really enjoy having the extra tables!    – Reali’s Fine Italian Cuisine

Everything with the program has been going well! It really brings in a lot of people and helps increase the number of people in the restaurant. The general public don’t like going to restaurants that have empty tables and this has really helped to keep us busy. People want to come into a busy restaurant. This is one of the best programs out there. The business owner can do more than break even with the certificates. The most important thing Restaurant.com has done is bring people in to our restaurant. – Crackpot Seafood Restaurant

This has been a really good experience and we’ve gained a great value for it so far. It has helped fill tables with new customers. We have seen a lot of customers return as full paying customers as well. The site has made us more visible and helped get people in the restaurant that might not have come otherwise. Restaurant.com works well, we are very happy we joined. La Paloma River Walk

Here’s to 15 more years!