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Gain Customers, Profits and Invaluable Marketing Tools with Restaurant.com

Bringing more than 15 years’ experience in driving traffic into restaurants, Restaurant.com is thrilled to announce that we are working with select Edible Arrangements® franchises to test a new sales-driving program. Our program brings hungry customers to locations across the nation by incenting them with savings. It drives new (and repeat) customers to participating locations, ready to purchase. Here’s how it will work for you.

Meet Restaurant.com

We pride ourselves in being the nation’s largest marketing site for restaurants for a reason. We use a combination of digital marketing channels—from email and social media to paid placements on search engines (and much more)—to find prospects and bring them to your store. In fact, our domain, www.Restaurant.com, attracts more than 4 million visits every month.


How does it work?

Restaurant.com creates a custom website for every Edible Arrangements store location. Customers find a store closest to them and purchase a certificate, which means they invest in visiting the store—and buying your products —before they even leave the site.

Customers choose from two Restaurant.com Certificate options and can bring certificates via mobile phone or a printed copy. The $25 Certificate drives sales for on-demand pick-up items. It requires a $50 minimum purchase and can only be used at the location listed on the certificate (not online). The $5 Certificate also drives customers to stores, and encourages sales for Edible-To-Go® treats. It requires a $10 minimum purchase.

You get traffic, profits and tools to grow

Each certificate delivers customers to your door, ready to purchase at least 200% of the certificate amount. The minimum spend amount ensures you profit every time—you keep 100% of the money they spend at your store.

Once you validate the certificate (online, by phone or on the customer’s mobile device), you’ll receive helpful customer feedback and data, which adds up to valuable insights. Additionally, you’ll have access to all of your Restaurant.com customer email addresses to invite them back without a certificate.

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Available soon!


Testing at nearly 100 Edible Arrangements stores is underway, with nationwide availability coming soon. Once the program is approved, you can join nearly 100 Edible Arrangements locations that are already live on Restaurant.com. In the meantime, our team is available to answer any questions, simply send an email to Partnersuccess@Restaurant.com.