Use January and February To Prepare for a Busy Year

Welcome to the post-holiday restaurant lull. It’s a great time to regroup and get ready for a busy New Year. Here are a few ways you can use to make 2016 a success.

Look for our diners

Good news! These are our highest redemption months. Our diners love to give and get certificates for the holidays…and then use them in January and February.


Promote your restaurant via email provides email addresses of all your diners. So, remind those folks about your restaurant. It’s also a good time to send them a dining coupon or special. Check out this blog post that explains how to use this powerful benefit.

Talk to your staff about

Remind them how diners tend to spend more than regular diners. Each certificate has a minimum spend, so our diners are prime for upselling appetizers, drinks and deserts. This also means larger tips, as our diners are instructed to tip on the full amount.

Show your staff how easy it is to validate certificates. On mobile phones, simply click “VALIDATE NOW.” For paper certificates, call 1-888-905-4438 or 1-800-727-3776 with the certificate number. You can also post this Staff Training Sheet in your break room and use it for training.


Review your restaurant web page

Visit and enter your zip code and restaurant name to see your page. Click on your “Menu” and “Learn More” buttons to make sure your information is up to date. You can also click on “Reviews” to see what customers are saying about you!

Need to make changes to your page? Call your Partner Success team or email your updated information to

Explore new marketing strategies.

If your needs have changed, we can customize your program to work better for you. In fact, you can call us anytime to find new ways to achieve your goals.

You can encourage higher spending amounts by raising your certificate denominations. You can also build weekday traffic by limiting weekend certificate use, and promote slow days or time-of-day periods with just a few changes to your program.


Remember, we’re here to help you grow! If you have any questions or need ideas, call your Partner Success team today at 1-877-640-1844, we’re happy to help you make 2016 your best year yet.