Turn Up the Heat This Summer


Summer is officially here! As your restaurant heats up—and the diners come pouring in, your business goals might change.

We’re here to help you stay cool—and grow! Simply call your Partner success team at 1-877-640-1844 to make any revisions or tweaks to your Restaurant.com program so it continues to work for you. Here are a few changes we can make with just one call.

Increase check amounts


By boosting your certificate values to $25, $50 or $100, we can build your check totals to at least twice those amounts. Higher denominations also help your staff upsell customers with appetizers, desserts and extra drinks that they might not normally purchase.

Promote events and specials

specialsWhile our certificates can’t be used with other promotions or discounts, you can use your email list of Verified Diners (from the certificates you have validated) to advertise other promotions and discounts, like steak nights, live music or summer specials. Just call us for templates and ideas to help you make your events a success.

Ensure a positive experience

Our program is known for turning Restaurant.com customers into regulars. Yet every so often, a customer doesn’t follow or understand the guidelines—like using a certificate on the wrong day of the week or with another promotion. No worries. We can help! Simply accept the certificate and we will resolve the situation after their dining experience. That way, we’ll be the “bad guy” to ensure the customer has a good experience in your restaurant.

Find the perfect marketing mix

From excluding certain holidays to focusing on specific days of the week, talk to us about your goals! We can make adjustments to drive the right amount of diners when you need them—and serve the perfect mix of certificate features for your restaurant.outdoor dining

Summertime brings a different kind of business. And your goals may change throughout the season. Restaurant.com has the flexibility and dedication to change with you.

So remember, if you ever need to fine-tune the program, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-640-1844 to make this a summer to remember.