Trends to WOW Now: Simply Irresistible Desserts


Welcome to another edition of Trends to Wow Now, innovations you can actually use. This time, we’re focusing on desserts that sweeten check averages.

Good news! Customers love desserts! According to a 2015 Consumer Trend Report by Technomic, 63% of consumers indulge in dessert at least once a week!

Conversely, many customers might think a restaurant dessert is too large…leading them to skip it entirely. You’ve likely seen another common scenario—an entire table orders one dessert and many forks.


To help you find the sweet spot, we’ve concocted three different ways to offer desserts…and make more customers say YES to the last course.

Size up to Shareable Sizes

Deliver larger portions (and prices) with shareable offerings. Consider offering small platters with mini cupcakes, a sweet “chip and dip” (variety of cookies and sweet dips), or a dessert sampler from your regular menu. You can also create customizable platters to suit every taste.

trioShrink Down to Mini Desserts

Shrinking portions is another way to encourage more indulgence per person—without sharing. In fact, Technomic reports that 34% of consumers say they are more likely to order a mini-portioned dessert.

To meet this trend, re-envision your current offerings to three-bite servings and get creative with your presentation. Sundaes served in shot glasses, super-slim pie slices and cake-pops with a tablespoonful of ice cream all fit (and fill) the bill.

Offer Dollar Desserts

Take the mini-dessert concept a step farther. Create a dollar menu with a small selection of your most popular sweets—in portions that keep you in the black.

While this concept can boost check totals overall, you can also use it as a promotion to draw in customers with special “Dollar Dessert” nights when a full meal is purchased.


Keep it indulgent

No matter how you serve dessert, remember to keep it special—something not easily prepared at home. The idea is for your guests to leave with a sweet taste in their mouth and a few extra dollars on their tab.

You can read more about that 2015 Technomic report (and desserts), here.