Trends to WOW Now: Over-the-Top Bloody Marys


Welcome to our first post of innovations you can actually use, a new blog series that helps turn today’s restaurant trends into business-building opportunities.

A sure cure for the common hangover since the 1920’s, the Bloody Mary has grown in popularity—and ridiculousness.

How can you ride this tide? Here are a few ways to turn the basic Bloody Mary into an attention- and profit-building machine:Veggie-Bloody-rs

Start with the basic recipe, then offer additions…and upcharges (we’ve even offered a range, from $-$$$)! Hint: forget tiny toothpicks. Go for 12” skewers!

$ Veggie Mary
Mix colors and textures with cheese cubes, cucumbers, yellow peppers, tiny tomatoes jalapeno peppers and baby corn.

$$ Go whole hog
Few can resist the temptation of bacon! Wrap bacon around skewer sticks then bake ‘em…to create unique bacon swizzle sticks.

$$$ Hamburger heavenbloodymary-build
Skewer a slider (just be sure to use a dense bun, like a potato or pretzel) and add tater tots and pickles.

$$$ Steak it out
Slices of sirloin with roasted potatoes and onions let your chefs show their chops. Just be sure to include some steak sauce—and a napkin—on the side.

$$$ Build a Bloody Mary bar
Serve a customers a tall glass with vodka and ice, and direct them to a cart filled with an array of tomato juices, hot sauces, horseradish, celery and whatever condiments you like. It’s a fun way for guests to mix their own drinks…while mingling with each other.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Here’s the rub: however you serve them, Bloody Marys can help you pour on the profits…and make a memorable experience for your guests.

How do you do bloodies? We’d love to see your ideas and give you a splash of free PR. Simply post a photo of your Bloody Mary online: tag via Facebook, Twitter (@Restaurant_com) or Instagram (@Restaurantdotcom) and your restaurant could be featured in our upcoming social media posts.