Three Unique (and Inexpensive) Ways to Market Your Restaurant

Want to build your business? Start with two words: social media.

Woman-phone2See, 63% of millennials, the demographic that now spends more money at restaurants than at grocery stores (1), say they stay updated on brands through social networks; 51% say social opinions influence their purchase decisions (2).

So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to use social media to attract new customers and bring existing customers back for more.

First, get to know some of the social media basics that we covered last month. Then check out these three ways to stand out without spending a fortune. Here’s a hint…it’s all about photography.

1) Take and post unique photos

Make sure they look good (here are a few tips), but do post at least one unique photo each week. Show off menu items, specialty drinks and fun photos of your staff or restaurant to build your personality and brand.

Make it a goal to build a library of 10-15 great images that represent your menu and your restaurant to make potential guests want to visit. This encourages customers to share and follow you on social media, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

2) Inspire guests to post unique photos

taking photo of breakfast

To build even more traffic to your network, ask diners to post their own photos or to follow your restaurant. Advertise your social accounts (and ask that they follow you!) on table tents and signage around your establishment. You can make it more enticing by offering free drink or discount to reward them for posting an image they took.

3) Host a Sweepstakes (to inspire guests to post unique photos)

To build your following quickly, host a sweepstakes…or more specifically, a sweepstakes to motivate diners to post their photos, share, comment or like a specific post on Facebook. Your prizes can be simple and inexpensive, like discounted meals, appetizers or desserts.

It’s easy to set-up a sweepstakes, in fact, here are our ready-to-use rules—simply update the highlighted areas to make them yours. And be sure to follow your state’s sweepstakes laws (3).

We know you’re busy running your restaurant. So we hope our ideas help save your time and money…while growing your business. Check out all of our articles about social media.


(1) See how Americans are spending at restaurants.

(2) Learn more about our social media statistics.

(3) Here’s the link to federal and state laws for sweepstakes.