The Importance of Mobile

As technology takes even bigger leaps to bring us user-friendly smartphones, diners continue to turn to their mobile phones and tablets for purchase decisions. Businesses, especially restaurants must keep up to speed or be swept away with the change in trends.

In the past few months, we launched a series of updates to keep diners engaged and using the mobile app. Updates include an enhanced user experience in the Account and map functionality to name a few. The app offers diners a convenient way to find your restaurant. As we push mobile updates, we’re committed to helping restaurant partners do the same.

Here are some quick and easy ways to make sure you’re on the forefront of today (and tomorrow’s) fast-paced mobile trends.

Get On The Map.GetOnTheMap Many of your customers are using Google Maps to find you. If you’re not already, get on there. Make it easier for your diners to get to you—even increase overall awareness of your restaurant by grabbing your spot on the map. Click here to learn more about getting your business on Google Maps.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Experience. In addition to listing the dishes your restaurant offers, your menu tells a story about your restaurant. If the content is easy to follow as well as appetizing, it’s a win-win. It’s important that your menu can be easily translated online. There are many sites that post restaurants’ menus (i.e. Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Metromix). That’s free advertising, making a mobile friendly experience all the more important.

Mobile Validation. Perhaps most importantly, make sure your staff is up to par on validating Certificates from a smartphone. It is an easy process that provides you instant data and is the way diners can provide feedback in the Restaurant Management Center, plus it gives the diner a seamless experience at your restaurant. Mobile-RedemptionHolding up a diner because mobile validation hasn’t been properly explained could keep someone from coming back to dine again. Here’s the step-by-step process to mobile validation. Pass instructions out to your servers, quiz them—even offer incentive to make sure they’re mobile validation experts!

There is so much more to mobile technology and mobile marketing. Be sure to check the After Dinner Mint each month as we continue our focus on mobile plus more ways to improve your customer’s experience.