Successful Holidays = Successful Marketing

Don’t Lose Holiday Opportunities!

We know the holidays are your busy season. It’s the time of year when dining out becomes choice to cooking meals at home. It’s a great BusyRestaurantopportunity to fill up your dining room, right? How about keeping your dining room full past the holiday season and into the year to come? If we can offer one tip to ensure this happens it’s this: don’t stop marketing.

This time of year we drive in new diners and repeat visit opportunities for the upcoming slower months ahead. Don’t lose this potential that makes you money! Keep an open mind to the new traffic heading into your restaurant. Turning away a customer now, that may have a coupon or dining certificate, may cost you a repeat visit down the line.

The Gift of Dining Out is Popular. is busy too this time of year. And we welcome a lot of hungry diners to our site. Visits search and get exposure to your restaurant listing. Additionally, many gifts are purchased too. Eating out is an extremely popular gift idea because they’re easy, flexible and work for just about anyone. This in turn, brings new diners who may have never tried your restaurant in the past after the holiday season when they receive their gift- redeeming during the slower months of January and February—just when you’re looking to fill seats!

Don’t Stop—Optimize & Customize.

GO_smStill not convinced? Instead of eliminating your marketing all together for the holidays, cater it to your specific needs! The month of December is popular for large parties—how about adjusting the denominations of certificates you offer to encourage the higher spend? We can also help customize your needs to target days of the week and other options too! Did you know you can make these changes at any time? Take advantage of the flexibility we have to offer to ensure a successful season for your restaurant.

Don’t Forget—Marketing Program Performance

The numbers tell it all. Keep reading your Quarterly Marketing Report to see how well your marketing program with is working for you. It let’s you know how hard we’re working for you—by giving you stats on the tables filled, number of new diners and who plans on returning. Remember all customers that dine at your restaurant, you have access to their email address to remarket to drive in repeat visits.

Here’s to a Prosperous Holiday Season!