Staying Positive During the Dining Lull


Yes, the holidays have passed, along with the crazy rush of diners in and out of your restaurant. After taking a moment to breathe, you’ve realized SlowRestaurantthere’s an empty table here or there. Don’t fret! There are so many reasons to stay positive during these slower months—so chin up, let’s talk about some good things to look forward to in 2015.

Gift Card Redemption

Let your Q4 sales carry into the new year. Thousands of gift cards were purchased in the months of November and December for family, friends and co-workers. Well, now’s the time you’ll see redemption. Post-holidays, diners are more likely to try new restaurants, so look forward to seeing faces you haven’t seen before. The key is to turn those new diners into repeat diners. A simple marketing strategy to get them back in the door could make a big difference in your first quarter revenue numbers. sees some its highest certificate validation days of the year in the months of January and February.

Large Party Carry-Over

Holiday parties run well into the new year, so let your diners know! Many restaurants offer more competitive pricing post-Christmas to keep tables and banquet rooms full. Also, keep catering menus handy for in-office parties. Promote, promote, promote—and your hard work will pay off.

Offer New Year’s Eve Specials

Create a party atmosphere for those dining out on New Year’s Eve. Offer free champagne with a prix fixe menu, or a champagne toast at midnight, accompanied by appetizers for a set price. Get into the new year spirit by pushing a few tables aside and creating a dance floor! An all-night experience could entice diners to come—and stay all night long.

Offer Resolution SolutionsHealthyOption

The first couple months of the new year everyone is sticking to their resolutions of 2015. Help them keep to it by offering healthy dining options. Promote healthy eating by featuring a different health-conscious special every day during your slower months. Even add a couple healthy side alternatives to your menu.

Don’t Forget! provides email addresses of everyone that dines with certificates to your restaurant. So, remind those folks that you miss them and want to see them with a dining coupon or special. Need help figuring out how to do that? Check out our recent blog post explaining how easy it is.

Enticing your diners by keeping them on their toes with delicious food, specials and fun things to do in your restaurant will have you sailing through January and February with a smile on your face and profits for your restaurant. Put in the work—it’ll pay off!