’s Q4 Marketing Delivers More Diners


popcornsavingsbr has an established tradition of sharing the holiday spirit in the waning wintry months of the annual year. Whether it’s through digital marketing efforts like social media, Public Relations, or special promotions, is a leader in seasonal marketing and holiday gifting. Here are some of the marketing programs we’ve focused on this holiday season to deliver more diners into your restaurant in 2014. on TV!

This year, made its way into Jill’s Steals and Deals on The Today Show in the prime holiday time frame.  This exposure on a morning news and entertainment show drives more traffic and in-turn more exposure to every restaurant on the program.  Most of these new diners have never visited before and will bring more marketing exposure for our restaurants well into the new year!



A New Take on an Old Christmas Story… created a restaurant-style version of the famous poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas video. This is a playful way to interest diners with a seasonal relevance focused on gift giving for friends and family.  And, who doesn’t want Santa to show up in their over?  Click here to see this restaurant version, you’ll love it!

235x230_2_ExtraMarketing in Holiday News was featured in USA Today for one of the best Cyber Monday deals on the web. This article drove more traffic to which creates more diners giving restaurant certificates to in-turns fills more tables in your restaurant in 2014!

Mobile Announcements

Also in line with the demands of the busy holidays, enhancements have been made to the mobile optimized site and the mobile apps in Google Play and iTunes App Store to make it easier for diners to find your restaurant while they are on the go.

Your Gift Authority 

An authoritative voice on holiday gifting, provided its Holiday Gift Bundle Guide for the shopping season. We created a holiday gift guide to further engage diners to purchase a higher denomination of Gift Card which in turn will have diners considering larger group meal occasions into 2014.