SCORE! with Football Fans


National. College. High school. Youth. Our nation is crazy for football. But if game time is downtime for your restaurant, here are some ideas to capture the excitement and the revenue of America’s football frenzy—whether you are a sports bar, diner or traditional restaurant.


Plan your game day strategy! Think about the football crowd that makes the most sense for your establishment—from youth teams to national leagues—and focus your efforts on the fans of those teams.

Show your team spirit. Post pennants, photos, jerseys and other symbols that show your support. Create displays that go with your décor and ambiance, from casual to elegant.

Make a play for ticketholders. Lure the most dedicated fans by offering pre- or post-game MVP treatment for those who can show actual tickets.

Post the schedule. And tune into the game. Whether you have a bar area or simply have a T.V. in your restaurant, make sure your customers know you’ll have it tuned in, turned up and ready to go!

Feed the fantasy football trend. Fantasy football has fans create their own teams with individual players from every team, across the national leagues. So they watch as many games as possible. Create a draft board to help them keep track of their stats and keep coming back to your establishment. Think local: consider creating a fantasy league for your area high school players.

Start now! Kick off for the NFL season is September 10th—and college, high school and grade school teams start even earlier.

Stick with it! Replay your game plan next year. It might take more than one season to incorporate your restaurant into your diners’ game day. But if you are consistent, focused and true to your team…youshutterstock_229950901r restaurant can become a local tradition.

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