Say ‘Yes’ to Seasonal Specials


To boost sales every season, offer seasonal dishes! According to research, restaurants that offer seasonal menus see 26% more orders and a 23% increase in average check size over restaurants that don’t.(1)

With autumn coming soon, we found some fresh ways to mix up your menu and get your customers to ‘fall’ for something new.

autumn salad

Pumpkin, of Course

Starbucks® did not invent pumpkin spice, but they certainly fed the nation’s pumpkin-spiced craze. Our advice: get in on it! From sweet pies and muffins to savory main dishes, sides and sauces, add pumpkin to the menu to see customers’ eyes light up (and wallets open wide).

Grab the Roots

Go beyond potatoes with beets, carrots and turnips. They not only add color and texture to the plate, these versatile ingredients can be boiled, steamed, sautéed or roasted to fit perfectly into your restaurant’s operations and menu. (2)

root salad

Are We Bacon You Hungry?

For some restaurants, bacon is always ON the menu, but fall is a perfect time to add just a little more to tempt your bacon-craving patrons. Consider adding it to chicken, roasting it with potatoes and wrapping it around scallops or dates. (3)

Soup it Up

Change-up your soup offerings to use any of the ingredients above. Chili, stews and bisques are also good ways to warm up patrons from the inside, while adding a few extra dollars to their bill. Don’t forget to offer a grilled cheese sandwich, which can be as simple or as complicated as your operation allows. (4)

squash soup

Get Comfortable

Chicken pot pie, biscuits, chicken-fried steaks and meatloaf are some of America’s best-loved comfort foods. (5) Put your own spin on these classic recipes or stick to tradition, either way these fall favorites are sure to please.

Pour on the Beer

For many diners, sweater weather calls for beer—and craft beer fits the bill! Whether you choose from the nation’s best-selling brands (6) or up-and-coming independent brands, seasonal and specialty beers will make diners cheer. (7)

Seasonal beer

More Décor

Finally, let your diners know that fall is on the menu the moment they walk into your door. Whether you hang football posters and banners or decorate with tasteful foliage, there are many ways show that your establishment celebrates the season.

Need more ideas for fall? Call your Partner Success team at 1-877-640-1844 any time. We’re here to make your fall—and every season—a success.



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