Restaurant Operators- Are You Prepared for the Holidays?



The holidays are here. Customers are smiling, and business is booming; what a great time of year!  Now, all you have to do is make sure you are prepared for the season at hand.  This includes having the right amount of food ordered, having the food prepped, having the proper supplies necessary for specialty items, and more. It takes money to make money, so make sure to spend a little extra for premium products in order to get premium returns on special occasions.

A little research or pre-planning can go a long way.  If you’ve been through the holiday season before, there is no reason you should be “guessing” at what the next year will bring.  You have a POS system that is sophisticated enough to run reports on previous orders; time to run last year’s report and see what sold, how quick it sold, and also see what sat on the shelf (it should be noted that if you don’t have one of these POS systems, it’s time for an upgrade).  If you find out that seafood was outselling steak at a rapid rate last year, then you amp up the seafood dishes (stay creative) and cut back on the steak dishes.  Basing this off facts as opposed to “guess work” will not only save you time and money, but it will satisfy your customers and create that return business that you yearn for.

If you do want to perform a little guesswork, roll the dice on menu items that you think will trend in 2014. Do some research and try to be the first one to the party. Even if these specials aren’t enormously successful, a diner still might recall your offered dish at a later time and return for more of that signature item or something else.

The best way to make sure you are prepared is to make sure the staff is prepared! We’re talking about rallying the troops! Hold a meeting with your employees and cover your expectations for the holiday season. Get them as engaged as you are; this is a team effort. After all, everybody could use a little extra money over the holidays. Prepare a few friendly contests designed to increase sales—the team member with the highest AOV, most wine sales, or most desserts sold wins money or a gift card at the end of the week.

If you are ready, the food is ready and the team is ready, then your restaurant is prepared for the holiday season or any season!  Enjoy it, embrace it, and engage in it in full!

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