Feedback Welcome: Restaurant Management Center

Business owners know getting customers in the door is not always the easiest thing to do. That’s why is here to help! As the largest digital marketing site for restaurants, has continuously helped drive diners in your door.

RMC HitsTo help you promote your restaurant in the best possible way we have created a marketing center and database of analytics for our restaurant partners called the Restaurant Management Center (RMC). This resource allows restaurant partners to learn in one place the overall success of the program.  Today, it allows the opportunity to see the number of total diners coming in and to gather feedback on their dining experience. This customer insight is invaluable to learn how restaurant stacks up – both positive and constructive feedback is included.

To continue to provide our restaurant partners with the best tools, will make updates to the Restaurant Management Center in the coming months. These enhancements will aid in streamlining your marketing efforts within and allow for more efficient use of time.

A few of the new changes planned:

  • Improved analytic functions and trends to help guide and predict what to expect for your restaurant.
  • See multiple locations by using one login where all of the information for each restaurant location is in one spot.
  • View and breakdown each certificate denomination that is being offered. RMC Comments
  • Mobile optimized version of the RMC so you can have easy access to the data and information from your smartphone or tablet.

And since we are still in the process of building the new tool, we would love to hear what Restaurant Operators want to see in the new and improved RMC.  Your ideas and feedback help us make you more successful.  To submit your feedback and improvements, send an email to