Diners Give our Partner Restaurants Top Ratings

VerifiedDinerTwo thumbs up.  Five stars.  Five Diamonds.  Platinum.  Blue Ribbon winner.

When these things are associated with a place, product or service, you know you’re going to get something good. is excited to offer these positive distinctions to our Restaurant Partners through Verified Diner Ratings and Reviews, which launched in October. ratings and reviews are unlike other review sites.  For one thing, our customers love our restaurants!  With five stars being the best possible score, 88 percent of restaurants received a rating of 4-stars or above, with 92 percent earning a rating of 3-stars and up. 

The best part is, we KNOW those customers dined in our restaurants because of the “Verified Diner” system.  Only diners who have used a gift certificate that has been validated at a restaurant are able to post reviews.  That means we can guarantee that those four and five star ratings all came from diners that you served.

Now, customers browsing will see that other diners have had great experiences at your restaurant, and be more likely to come in themselves.  And, if your previous reviews are any indication, they’ll soon be writing glowing reviews of their own – just be sure to validate your certificates so the diners receive their surveys.