’s Recipe For Success


The restaurant business is one never-ending day after another, especially for the independent operator who on any given day acts as the manager, wait staff, accountant, chef, and busboy, and then STILL has to go home to be a mother/father, wife/husband, and friend to others. It’s no wonder that the average lifespan of a restaurant is less than five years. There is simply too much going on each day and not enough attention is given to the single-most important aspect of restaurant success, the marketing!

Marketing is the reason behind why customers come in to your restaurant and the same reason why other customers won’t. In today’s times, it’s not enough to just have your own website. After all, everybody seems to have a friend who builds websites nowadays. It’s important to know what to do with your website and how to branch out to the popular mediums that the public is enjoying. The entire world has gone social, from Facebook to Instagram, we know every detail about everybody. But how about your restaurant, do we know every detail before we step foot inside? Cheers may have had it right when they sang “you wanna go where everybody knows your name”. As customers, we want to see the restaurant’s menu, we want to see what the interior of the restaurant looks like, and most importantly we want to read that other people enjoyed their experience at your restaurant. is the essential social media platform for restaurants. It is your chance as an independent operator to showcase your hard work on restaurant row, as is the nation’s largest marketing site for restaurants. For that reason alone, why wouldn’t you want your restaurant listed? Still need more convincing on why you need to be an active partner?

Gather E-mail Addresses from Diners – that’s right, not only do we send you business, we teach YOU how to keep them coming back!
Turn Visits to Conversions – we will have thousands of customers view your site and 5 percent to 10 percent of them will visit your restaurant without even using a certificate. How do we know? It’s the same reason you trust newspaper, radio, and billboard advertisements. If they didn’t work, they wouldn’t have lasted this long!
Earn Ratings from Verified Diners – a customer can only review your restaurant AFTER using the product. How about that for reassurance to a new guest who stumbled across your site?
A True Partnership – we work hard to fill empty tables, just like you do. The customer visits our site and then visits your restaurant. Without the customer, neither of us benefits. As long as we both remember that, our partnership is an instant success.

Notice that I haven’t discussed profit or money yet? That is because, we don’t focus on profit or money; we focus on marketing. The restaurant can only turn profit or make money when a customer comes through the door. It’s important to remember the flowchart that leads to a thicker wallet. If you market, they will come! We can’t get tied to the idea of “get rich quick”, there is no magic formula. A steady stream of customers is the best return on investment you can possibly have and that is exactly what you get with We work WITH you to send customers your way, and we want you to work with us to keep them coming back.

Expanding your restaurant’s marketing strategy with and always remembering to put the customer first is the true recipe for success!