Pour on the seasonal drinks—and the profits!


From coffee to beer, seasonal drinks make customers cheer! Raise a glass to seasonal beverages, a refreshing way to stimulate new business, drive more profits and encourage repeat visits(1)…all while keeping your menu new and interesting.

Pumpkin drinkPump up the pumpkin!

Pumpkin isn’t just for coffee. While certain coffee chains try to own pumpkin (they don’t!), you can fuel your own frenzy by adding pumpkin puree to milkshakes, smoothies, egg nog and more. And remember, you can make your own pumpkin coffee by blending allspice, cinnamon, sugar and half-and-half with regular coffee.

‘Tis the season for BEER!

Brewers across the country work all summer to craft fall seasonals…the most popular of the year’s beers. And with craft beers appealing to 49% of all Millennials and 40% of all Gen Xers (2), adding a new seasonal brew is good for business. In addition to pumpkin beers, many brewers are influenced by Oktoberfest and the autumn harvest. Look for beers and ales with additional hops, German malts, cranberry tones and more. Head to sites like CraftBeer.com to see what’s new now.

Seasonal beer

Tempt them with Apples

From hot cider to apple teas, hot apple drinks warm up customers to repeat visits—especially those heading to the kids’ football games. Create your own brew by boiling tea bags with allspice, cinnamon and a splash of cider. BONUS! As it brews, your restaurant will fill with its welcoming aroma.

Infuse Your Specialty Flavor

Customers simply go mad for specialty vodkas, in fact flavored vodkas account for about a quarter of all vodka sales (3).  If you serve alcohol, simply add your own ingredients to jars of vodka, seal them and wait a week or two. Experiment with apples, cranberries, cucumbers, hot peppers and more. Serve your creation on the rocks, in martinis and—to take it a step further—original creations.


Offer Your Own Parings

Once you create your seasonal drinks, pair them up with items on your menu. It’s a great way to get customers to try something new…with something they already love. Pairings give customers—even regulars—something new and a reason to order more than they usually do.

Once you offer your seasonal concoctions, be sure to let your customers know! From table tents, Facebook posts and menu mentions, let them know you have something new for them to look forward to!

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