Partner Success Question of the Month: Which Certificate is Right for Your Restaurant?

GIftCardsEver wonder why certain restaurants have different offers on  It’s not just random – our program is carefully designed to meet the needs of different types of restaurants and different consumers.  The various certificate amounts are a reflection of that, and we work to ensure that every restaurant on our program has the certificate values best suited to their particular business.

Every restaurant has what we call a core offer; this is the “main attraction” certificate, so to speak.  The core offer is determined by your average entrée price.  See the table below for the breakdown:

Avg. Entrée Price Core Offer
Less than $5


Between $5-$8.99


Between $9-$14.99


Greater than $15


We have studied years of consumer data to land on these values, and we believe we offer the flexibility for any restaurant, or any customer, to be happy with our program.  We also like to also keep additional denominations (one higher, one lower) that surround the core certificate offer to suit different customer needs.

For example, we offer larger denominations, like the $50, $75 and $100 certificate, to attract larger parties to your restaurant.  The $5, $10 and $15 certificates might be better for meals like breakfast or lunch, or suited to a smaller party.  It’s always a good idea to keep a variety of inventory on your shelves – the more you have available for the customer to purchase, the more likely they are to visit your restaurant!

Feel free to contact Partner Success at any time to discuss the certificate values offered by your restaurant.  We can easily add to or change your offerings to ensure the program is working for your restaurant.