Partner Success Question of the Month: How Can I Ensure My Staff Gets the Tips they Deserve?


happy waiterWe all know how hard the wait staff works and respect that they make a large percentage of their earnings through the tips they receive.  One of the questions we frequently hear is, “how can I make sure that my wait staff receives the tips they deserve (a percentage of the full, pre-discount total)?”

Below, we have an example on how your wait staff can maximize their tips, simply by spending an additional 20-seconds providing excellent customer service at the table.

When presenting the check to the table at the end of the meal, it is in your wait staff’s best interest to show the customer that they received a discount.  This will satisfy the customer, and give the server an opportunity to subtly point out the original, pre-discount total on which they should be tipped.

We suggest having your wait staff circle the original amount of the bill, underline the discounted portion, and show the customer what threcipeey are left to pay after the discount.

The conversation is as simple as this:

“Thank you for dining at Sample Tavern.  This was the original total of the bill, we applied your $25 discount, and this is your new total after the discount.  It was a pleasure serving you today.”

The main goal is to help the customer focus on the great experience they just enjoyed at the restaurant, but this also provides the opportunity for the server to demonstrate his or her helpfulness.  It is also a great strategy to avoid a situation where the discount accidentally slipped the customer’s mind.

Have your servers give this simple trick a try!