Our Top Five Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Restaurant.com wants to keep our partners thriving through the holidays, a time when restaurants compete most with retail sales. Well, those busy shoppers need to take a break to refuel—so let’s bring them into your dining room! Here’s five sure-fire ways to keep ahead of your competitors this festive season:

Cater to Black Friday

BurgerDealBlack Friday (November 30 this year) is a day full of frenzy and one-day, unbeatable deals. Dip into those deals by creating one of your own! Perhaps buy a beer, get a burger? Or a BOGO (buy one, get one) deal. Even offering a timer deal, ensuring shoppers are out and at it again in 30 minutes or less, can entice diners and keep to the theme of the day.

Give a Little, Get a Lot

A local restaurant owner was asked—what is the best holiday promotion you’ve ever seen? His answer will surprise you, but warm your heart. He made the investment of sending a small, gift-wrapped holiday kitchen whisk ornament to 50 local customers. Inside was a cheery message:

“We are whipping up some delightfully delicious holiday deals. Stop by for a libation, a glass of cheer or call us and we’ll help you plan that perfect holiday event. We hope to see you throughout the holiday season. But if by chance we don’t, have a Merry Christmas.

Out of that small investment, how many of the 5o do you think came in to dine? Every. Single. One. Most booked parties and brought guests. And…asked about their ornament the next year.

Put Emphasis on Large Groups and Parties

Families and couples may be dining less this time of year, but that may be because of a holiday party or group get-together. Offer a discount to parties of 10 or more and reap the benefits of filling your restaurant—and celebrating the holiday.

Offer a Holiday Prix-Fixe

December is an indulgent month for comfort foods—especially those with a holiday theme. Keep your menu focused by offering a prix-fixe menu. These menus can help focus your ordering of meats and produce. Sprinkle in some festive dishes with a creative spin like baked yams with marshmallows, an apple turnover—and don’t forget the turkey! How about tetrazzini? Set the price and you’ll have diners coming into enjoy a holiday feast instead of cooking their own!

HolidayMartiniGet Festive with Your Drink Menu

There’s no better time of year to enjoy a spiced cider, hot toddy or peppermint-tini with friends. Appeal to the masses with exciting, limited time cocktails that warm the tummy. The “seasonal” concept holds just as well in the glass as it does on the plate.

We hope this list sends you into a whirlwind of holiday preparedness. I don’t know about you, but it sure made us hungry! Happy holidays from Restaurant.com.