Nourish Your Business by Giving Back


If you’re looking to build your business, consider taking a closer look at your community. In this post, we’ll highlight a few ways you and your restaurant can build lasting, loyal relationships (think regulars!) with your diners by getting involved with your community.

Why Give Back?

We mentioned customer loyalty, but there are a many more benefits for supporting community causes.

Excellent reasons for giving back include:

  • Strengthening your community
  • Building positive PR for your restaurant
  • Standing out from the competition
  • Boosting your staff’s morale
  • Helping worthy causes
  • Feeling good about yourself—and your business
  • Adding write-offs to your taxes

community volunteer

It’s Easy to Get Started

You already ask about their meal, now consider asking your top customers (or even your staff) which causes are important to them in the neighborhood…then make some calls and get involved. It’s really that simple. Keep reading to find charitable ideas that fit your restaurant, budget and community.

Keep it Simple

Consider hosting an event or town meeting, sponsoring a team or school for a charity walk, or be the drop-off location for a local food pantry collection. You could also offer to hang event posters or have a donation box by your cash register. By continuously doing a variety of services, you’ll raise awareness for local issues and build customer appreciation.


Go a Step Farther

If you can make a larger investment, consider hosting a fundraiser on an off night. This invites new customers to experience your restaurant, and potentially your food and service, first hand, while supporting a good cause.

Turn Waste into Meals (and Write Offs)

Approximately 40% of good, safe food produced in the U.S. goes right to the landfills—never making it to a plate. (2) You can help combat this statistic by donating your unused food—both non-perishable and prepared foods. Many local food banks will pick up food donations free of charge. (3) Visit (or click the link below this post) for info on the sustainable management of food, including tax benefits.

food drive

Mentor the Next Generation

A few hours a week at your restaurant could be great training for young talent, providing valuable experience and opening the door to a life-long career. Plus, your mentees could become exceptional employees in the future. Connect with your local high school to find potential talent and work out an effective program.

Contact us for more ideas on how to build your restaurant and stand out in your neighborhood. Call your Partner Success Team at 1-877-640-1844 today. We’re here to help you grow!


(1) Feeding America Launches New Initiative to End Hunger, Improve Family Stability

(2) Harvest Donor Partners

(3) Reduce Wasted Food by Feeding Hungry People