New Technology Finds the Perfect Diners for YOUR Restaurant


Click Squared postHave you ever gotten an email from a business advertising a great sale on high heels (and you’re a man), or wondered why a company is sending flyers about delicious Italian sausage to your vegetarian restaurant?  If you’re like us, you probably wonder why you’re getting ads for products that you would never buy – and why the company is wasting its money targeting you.

Last fall, announced a major technological step toward eliminating those “one-size-fits-all” marketing tactics that will not only drive more diners to your restaurant, but drive the right diners to your restaurant. partnered with a marketing firm to compile and organize the valuable customer information we’ve acquired from diners over the years.  We now have direct and easy access to more than 9 million customer records, 27 million customer orders and 57 million previously used restaurant certificates.

Restaurant operators understand that knowing your diners well goes a long way to giving them the experience they want.  The same is true for as we work to provide our customers with the restaurants they are looking for, and in turn, provide our restaurants with the customers they want.

We can now use this data – real facts about real diners – to pinpoint what those diners are looking for and build marketing campaigns targeted to match them with the restaurants and dining experiences they will find most appealing.

Some examples of things we know about customers that we can use to target the right diners for your restaurant include:

  • Location: where a customer lives, works or plays relative to your restaurant
  • Cuisine: which types of food they like or have previously tried
  • Pricing: how much they have spent in the past and which certificate denomination they’ve purchased before

Much like premium gasoline improves the performance of a car, we’re confident this more precise data will improve customer experience on and in turn drive more customers – both new and existing – to your restaurant.