Mobile Technology—It’s What’s for Dinner


Woman-phone2Technology is quickly beginning to revolutionize the way people dine. Mobile technology is becoming expected rather than an added luxury when it comes to grabbing dinner. Will your restaurant be able to keep up with the mobile trends of 2015? recently touted over two million mobile downloads and with that number an interesting fact: over 55% of customers are viewing our emails on mobile. The shift to people engaging in marketing more on their mobile device is real—let’s make sure you’re doing everything you can to ensure the success of your restaurant in the mobile realm.

Certificate Validation on Mobile

Make sure your staff is trained on how to validate Certificates from a smartphone. This process allows you instant data on your diner and is a great way for customers to provide feedback in the Restaurant Management Center. Holding up a diner because your servers haven’t been brought up to speed on how to redeem via mobile can lose a customer. After all, the point of mobile is quicker, faster, easier! Here’s the step-by-step process to mobile validation. Make sure your servers get it—and let them know you’re there to explain it to them if they don’t.


Get On The Map

Many of your customers are using Google Maps to find you. If you’re not already, get on there. Make it easier for your diners to get to you. Increase overall awareness of your restaurant by grabbing your spot on the map. Click here to learn more about getting your business on Google Maps.

Some More Interesting Facts

The National Restaurant Association* reports that when diners go out to eat, technology is important to them. Among this group:

79 percent said they thought technology increased convenience

70 percent said it sped up service and increased accuracy

45 percent said it made dining out more fun

35 percent said it made them choose one restaurant over another;

34 percent said it made them dine out or order takeout more often.

The Bottom Line

Technology isn’t going away and although it may not be a sure-fire ticket to instant success in the restaurant industry, it can increase brand loyalty and overall awareness. Taking small steps to get your establishment more attention can only help secure your spot on the map—so go for it!