Maximize the value of every diner

As a partner, you open the door to new diners. Each one walks in with new opportunities—not just to show off your restaurant—but to provide feedback, build repeat business and spread the word. The truth is every guest can help you grow your business.

Mobile-RedemptionTake full advantage of these opportunities with just a few simple steps.


It all starts when you or your staff validate your certificates.

  • For mobile certificates, click “VALIDATE NOW”
  • For paper certificates, just call 1-888-905-4438 or 1-800-727-3776
  • To show your staff how easy validating is—and remind them to do so—post this Staff Training Sheet in your break room.

2. Learn

Once you validate their certificates, your customers become “Verified Diners.” They are invited to go to and leave a review for your restaurant. This content appears on your custom restaurant page within our site (and mobile app) to encourage other diners to select your restaurant. As a restaurant owner, you can also follow-up with any diner about their experience. Just login to the Restaurant Management Center or contact us and we will walk you through this.

So, the more you validate and visit your restaurant’s page, the more you’ll know….and have a chance to grow.

3. Contact

Validating a certificate also gives you the ability to email the diners. This is an amazing opportunity to promote your restaurant—and turn them regulars. Let them know about upcoming specials, menu items, your staff—or just send a simple thank you for coming in. Make it personal to build a relationship and encourage return visits.

4. Remind

Let your staff know just how valuable—and easy—validating can be. In addition to posting our Staff Training Sheet, print out this blog for your breakroom. You might even include how to validate as part of your server training.

5. Boast

The reviews and ratings from your Verified Diners give us a great way to promote you—as a top-rated restaurant! Top-rated restaurants are frequently featured in our email communications and draw even more customers! Think of it this way: every time you validate…you can also celebrate.

We’re thrilled to have you as a partner. And we hope this information helps you see how valuable our partnership can be. Use it to your full advantage! Simply validate every time to turn Verified Diners into regulars…and even more customers.