Make Your Partnership with Even Better

shutterstock_161379701_webAs a Partner, you’ve always had access to exclusive, partner benefits that are created to market your restaurant to potential customers and make your current customers even more loyal to your business.

Now the program has more flexibility to ensure your unique marketing objectives and goals can be accomplished with the program. 

Here are the newly added Partner Marketing Options:

  • restrictions2Minimum Spend

You now have two required minimum spend options to choose from: 150% or 200% of the certificate value.

  • Day of Week Restrictions

Since you know best the flow of your business, our program offers the flexibility to exclude certain day(s) of the week from certificate use.

  • No Longer Dine-In Only

Maybe your restaurant isn’t large enough to accommodate numerous dine-in customers at once. Maybe you’re completely staffed-up and ready to serve as many large parties that walk through your door. Now you get to choose if you want to put Dine-in only, Take-out only, or exclude delivery on your Gift Certificates.


Made-To-Order Partnership

While we are always looking for new ways to help your business succeed and grow, one thing stays the same: it’s all about making it easier for diners to find you and enjoy meals at your restaurant.


As always your partnership:

  • Makes it easy for diners to find you by mobile. When they look for you, no matter where they are, they will find you, quickly.
  • Gives you a steady stream of diners. No sudden, overwhelming peaks or lulls that you’re not staffed for or that leaves your staff with not enough customers to delight.
  • Allows your webpage to always be customizable. Seasons change. Your hours of business change. Your menu changes, promotions and events are added, etc. At any time, you can update your Partner webpage and any of its contents, just let us know.
  • No long-term contracts. This is an opportunity for your business, and you have the option to leave the program at any time. Of course, we’re here to answer questions and find ways to make it work for you, but we always want it to be your choice to partner with us.

Thank you again for being a Partner. As always, our mission is to make it easy for you to market your restaurant to diners and when you talk, we listen. These new enhancements are a reflection of that, so keep the feedback and insights coming our way.