7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Holiday Business

SevenCoffee_blogThe busiest time of year is almost here! Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year will bring a rush of business to many restaurants across the country. Yet, as you know, there’s difference between having a lot of customers and making a lot of profits. In that spirit, we present you with seven ideas to keep your restaurant super busy AND successful.

1. Connect with Shoppers Before they Shop

While shoppers are searching online for the hottest deals, tempt them to stop in for a delicious meal via social media. If your restaurant doesn’t have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, start now. They’re all free and easy. Plus, we made this handy guide on how best to use each media.

2. Feed Hungry Shoppers

Last year, 136 million Americans (1) shopped on Black Friday weekend, looking for unbeatable deals. This year, lure in those deal-hungry shoppers by creating an irresistible deal of your own. For example: buy a burger, get a FREE beer or beverage. Or a BOGO (buy one, get one FREE) deal. Remember, FREE is one of the most powerful words in marketing.

3. Send a Greeting (Then an Offer)

Utilize your email and snail-mail lists and send everyone a holiday greeting, like “Season’s Eatings” from your restaurant and staff. Don’t sell anything! And then, a few days later, follow up with a special offer or discount. And remember, as our partner, you have FREE access to the email addresses of all your Restaurant.com customers—be sure to include them! You can get those emails from your Restaurant.com Management Center.

4. Pursue Large Groups and Parties

Some families and couples may be dining out less this time of year, but that may be because they’re at holiday parties. So get in on it! Offer a discount to parties of 10 or more and reap the benefits of filling your restaurant and celebrating the holiday. Post signs and table toppers now…and, of course, mention it on social media.

5. Save Time and Money with a Holiday Prix-Fixe

Keep your holiday menu focused (and costs controlled) by offering a prix-fixe menu during busy times. These menus can streamline your kitchen, service and inventory. Set the price, spread the word and you’ll have diners coming in to enjoy a holiday feast instead of cooking their own

6. Cause a Stir with Cocktails

‘Tis the season to serve specialty cocktails. The trick is to make the drinks stand out to tempt other diners. For example, serve drinks in attention-grabbing vessels, have bartenders shake those festive martinis loud and proud, and have a server walk around with free (tiny) samples. Get creative to boost your bottom line.

7. Count on Restaurant.com

Call your Partner Success team at 1-877-640-1844 any time. From filling in your slow times to bringing in more diners any time, we’re here to help you to turn the holidays into your restaurant’s most successful time of the year.


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