It’s Spring Holiday MADNESS!

Congratulations! You’ve made it past the lull of the winter months. It’s time to rev up and hit the ground running by making the holidays of spring real money makers for your restaurant. Here’s a few holidays (and fun ideas) that could bring in some real dollars this spring:

Lent (Between Mardi Gras and Easter)

Catering to diners during Lent is more than just offering a Friday night fish fry. Reward these diners with specials on Friday byFishFry choosing three non-meat entrees that will entice their taste buds and make them feel good for the sacrifice they’re making. It’s as easy as a table card or menu insert and can be a great upsell for existing items on your menu—or get creative with a new dish during this time.

Pi(e) Day

For all the math nerds out there, a new restaurant holiday has been created on 3.14. How best to celebrate? With pie, of course! If your restaurant doesn’t specialize in pie, hit a local bakery or small business pastry chef with a special order—and tout the local business aspect!

St. Patrick’s Day

StPattysCoupleWhy not make it St. Patrick’s Week? Here’s an opportunity for extra revenue, with just stocking up on green food coloring (for the beer), corned beef and cabbage, Jameson and Guinness. Offer a different Irish special each day of the week to keep diners intrigued and celebrating with you the whole week!

March Madness

If your restaurant has a bar and a flat screen, you’re in for a crowd the back half of March. If you don’t have a TV, it may not be a bad idea to bring a few in to join in the money-making celebration of the NCAA insanity of March Madness. Stock up snacks, small bites—and napkins! It’s all about wings, pizza and beer…the messier the better. Get in on the fun with your diners and offer a drink promotion or bracket challenge.

More and more, families take Spring Break and make it a Staycation, full of board games, museum visits and dinner out—quality family time. Play up the Staycation angle in your restaurant by serving tropical drinks and decorating your restaurant to resemble a warm, sunny destination. Or, pull a few popular items fromyour menu and offer them family style—catering to larger parties at a more competitive price!

Whatever holiday or event you opt for, the one thing you can do is train and pump up your staff for whatever is coming their way. And a little reward goes a very long way to inspire them to make your guests happy and coming back, season after season.