How Will You Be Bringing in the Bucks on Valentine’s Day?


Did you know that Americans spend roughly 17.3 BILLION dollars celebrating love? We’re not talking celebrating an anniversary or the night they first met. This is Valentine’s Day alone. That’s money to be had—and we’ve got ideas on how to make it yours. If there’s any day to make a lasting impression, this may be the one.

Cater to the ladies

For some women, this celebratory day of love is a night out on the town that doesn’t happen very often. It’s a reason to dress up and get a babysitter, or an evening of romance. RoseImpressing the women in your restaurant on this holiday is a big win, and an easy feat. Presenting the women with a carnation or rose upon dining could easily make their evening. A complimentary glass of champagne could also do the trick!

Add ambiance to your restaurant

If your restaurant is typically boisterous and loud, take it down a notch to play up the romance. Add candles to the tables and dim the lights. Set the mood for couples to enjoy themselves. This could lead to dessert or an extra cocktail!

Offer a fixed menu

ПечатьA special menu is a great way to attract diners, as well as keep your kitchen organized and focused on a busy night. Promote a fixed menu in advance, take reservations  and/or offer special seating times and this hectic, busy day of love can run smooth as pie.

Valentine’s Day? How about Valentine’s WEEKEND?

Take this huge money-making day and turn it into an event. Couples may appreciate the less-crowded atmosphere of celebrating on Friday or Sunday, instead of the actual day itself.

Make it a big deal

We’ve done some of the work for you. Here you’ll find a downloadable PDF template to help market your Valentine’s Day festivities. Personalize it for an email or table card. Even mail your promotion with a special prix fixe menu. Spending a few extra dollars on this holiday will pay off.

Need help? Contact our Partner Success team (877-640-1844) and they’ll walk you through how to make this Valentine’s Day your most profitable yet.