How We’re Making Your Holidays Happier


In a previous post, we mentioned how November and December are our business months of the year. Now, we’re digging into the details so you can see how our holiday plans translate to more business for your restaurant—now and in the New Year.

First, our elves are hard at work! Especially, Elfredo, our irresistible chef elf. Adding flavor and fun our emails and promotions, he attracts attract diners to our site and to your doors.


One of Elfredo’s biggest jobs is presenting his gift guide, Elfredo’s Top Gifts. Filled with entertainment, wine, Card bundles and more—he showcases gifts that give diners even more reasons to come to and share our site—and create more diners for you into 2016.

When diners look online for place to eat, we’re there to drive them to your restaurant. Our paid search and keyword marketing on Google, Bing and Yahoo ensures we rank at the top of “restaurant” searches—which means you do, too.

Our popular email marketing includes a list of up to four million diners nationwide. Sending more than 25 emails throughout December, we’ll feature various restaurants and cuisines in your area, including you!

Our email campaigns bring you more diners a variety of ways: 

Featured restaurants. Every email features categories that align with the way diners choose. Your restaurant could be featured in a number of different categories, including new, top-rated (by verified diners), distance, cuisine and more.

Small Business Saturday. On Saturday, November 29, we’re saluting YOU. This special promotion is designed to send diners out into the community, and into our restaurant partners.

Mobile offers. To make your restaurant easier to find on the go, we’ll also promote mobile-only offers that diners can use with their smartphones when they are out and about. Of course, diners can use our handy app any time, with any certificate…which is good for you, too.

Cyber Monday. This year, we’re offering diners one of our BEST DEALS to get diners to use certificates when they shop for the holidays…and also to give as gifts. You get more guests now….and into the New Year, after holiday gifts are opened.

Dinner and a Movie. This popular campaign, through our Specials site, will coincide with the release of the latest Star Wars movie as well as other potential blockbusters. With two movie tickets and a $100 Card for only $30, it’s one of the best deals in the galaxy!

facebook_challenge4_1200x900We’re also using social media to engage diners. This holiday, we’ll launch “Elfredo’s Noodle Games” to attract diners with games that are easy to play—and win. The games work to drive Facebook engagement to boost news feed presence, fan loyalty and overall brand awareness—all things that give your restaurant more exposure, too. Check out the fun on our Facebook page. Or follow us on Twitter, using #NoodleGames.

We are excited about these holiday plans and the business they bring to your restaurant, especially after the New Year.

Cheers to you and your success in 2015…and here’s to serving up even more in 2016!