How to Turn Diners into Full-Paying Regulars


We’re happy to have you as a partner, but we know you have an ulterior motive: to make our customers your own. Best part? We’re here to help!

Many of our restaurant partners stay with us for years at a time—they get online marketing, a steady stream of customers, profits with every certificate and the opportunity to turn our diners into your regulars. Surprisingly, very few restaurants take advantage of that last part…and find it easier to stay on our program than to market themselves. So, we thought we’d show you how to steal our customers. Really.

Get Your Restaurant_original

Unleash your marketing powers with this simple act. Validating puts the customer into our system—and turns them into Verified Diners – only THEY can leave a review for your restaurant.

For mobile certificates, click “VALIDATE NOW”

For paper certificates, just call 1-888-905-4438 or 1-800-727-3776

Remind your staff to validate. Click here to print out a simple sheet with steps for validating mobile certs as well as paper ones.



Validating gives you the ability to email your Verified Diners directly—without us. And, as you know, our diners can only use a Certificate once a month. So that’s 29-30 days that they can return to you, without us.

Use emails to promote your restaurant—and make them regulars. Let them know about upcoming specials, menu items, your staff—or just send a simple thank you for coming in. Make it personal to build a relationship. Log into your Restaurant Management Center to find available email addresses.

man at restaurant with laptop

Do you have an email program? If not, check out about how to create one.

Contact us for more business-building ideas. We’re here to bring more hungry diners to your door. Call your Partner Success team at 1-877-640-1844 any time.