How to Save Thousands of Dollars: Retain Your Talent!


Do you know how much restaurant employee turnover costs? It’s so high, that you could buy two commercial refrigerators (and more!) with it. According to statistics, turnover could cost you as much as $5,800 per employee. (1) High turnover incurs many obvious costs, including job listing services, interviewing time, training expenses and uniforms…plus hidden costs, like productivity, diner reaction and staff morale.

To save your bottom line and provide a better diner experience, consider these tips on identifying and retaining restaurant talent.

First, Find Them: 5 Ways to Identify Good Employees

  1. Potential: Look for aptitude, desire to do a good job and overall attitude—even if they don’t quite have the right skills (which can be learned).
  2. Engagement: Employees who make suggestions and show interest in your restaurant—beyond getting paid—can be valuable to your business.
  3. Accountability: Someone who takes responsibility for their actions are not only good employees, they could also be potential leaders.
  4. Empathy: Selfless actions are good for your business, like helping others, working as a team and building friendships with other employees.
  5. Communication: Good employees have the ability to explain things well—and listen well. (2)

Then, Keep them: 4 Ways to Retain Good Employees

  1. Train them well: Good training can greatly improve their contentment (and productivity) within their work. Plus, many employees site poor training as a reason for leaving. (3)
  2. Encourage involvement: Ask for ideas for improvements or how to solve problems (and try to use the suggestions). Workers who feel important stay engaged, and their firsthand experience can provide fresh prospective.
  3. Be clear and fair. Inconsistency and favoritism can kill employee morale. Treat workers equally, and do things as promised so they know what’s expected.
  4. Offer support. Workers have responsibilities outside of the restaurant. Your consideration and flexibility (within reason) can inspire employees to go the extra mile for you.
  5. Have some fun. Organize special events, like sales challenges or charity drives to rejuvenate and motivate your team. (4) Ask your staff for ideas!

Not only can these suggestions help you find and retain employees (and save you time and money), they can also be useful in pinpointing good management prospects.

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