How Facebook can better serve you


As you probably know, we “like” Facebook. Not only do we use it ourselves, we recommend our restaurant partners use it to build their business, too. So if you haven’t yet, see how to get started with Facebook. And if you have a Facebook page, read on to see how it can work harder for you at any budget.

One of the reasons Facebook is so successful is that they continuously make improvements. To save you some time, we’ve checked out the recent updates to pinpoint which ones work best to promote your restaurant.Main image2

Promote your posts

It’s easy to “Boost” one of your Facebook posts so it appears in the newsfeeds of your audience, their friends—and even new audiences. This is a great tactic to advertise promotions and dinner specials. As you create the post (or even after), click the “boost post” button. You’ll be able see what kind of audience you can reach and how much it will cost. Keep in mind, your page has to have more than 400 “likes” to have access to this feature.

Using this feature isn’t free—nor is it expensive. While we recommend spending up to $200 a month, it takes as little as $50 each month to promote posts and see results, which includes more “likes” and more diners in your door. That said, there are many things you can do for FREE…which you’ll see below.

FREE! Post your menu

This is probably the most exciting new feature for restaurateurs. Customers are already looking at your Facebook page for your location and promotions. Now they can see your menu! All you need is a .PDF file that’s less than 1 MB in size. Simply click on the “Add Menu” tab located at the top of your page and follow the steps to upload it. Not only is it easy to post a menu, Facebook also makes it easy to update.


Click the “Add Menu” bar, located at the top of your page to post and update your menu.

FREE! Get real-time insights

From data on your posts’ reach to overall engagement, page administrators can now access immediate data and insights to monitor your restaurant’s page performance. Use this information to test posts and tailor your content to INSTANTLY understand what is—and is not—working for you. Previously you had to wait up to three days for this information!


Insights are now real-time. Previously, administrators had to wait 2-3 days to get this invaluable data.

FREE! Schedule posts for the FUTURE

Make Facebook work in YOUR busy schedule with this handy feature. You can create posts up to 6 months in advance—in Facebook. (Previously you could do this only with a third-party app, like Hoot Suite.) This means you can plan and execute promotions in your downtime so they go live exactly when you need them, even in your busy time.

FREE! Backdate posts for the PAST

You can also backdate posts so they appear immediately in your timeline…but at a previous date. This function lets you add photos or details to a past event without confusing your timeline. It also lets you correct errors or typos without calling attention to it.

FREE! Assign administrative roles

Now you can have up to five people help manage your page. This is great news for busy owners and managers! To view and assign roles, visit the page you manage, click Edit Page above the Admin Panel, and click Admin Roles in the left column.

Between the online visibility and traffic you get through and these low-cost Facebook features, your restaurant might not even need to invest in creating and updating a website…which is a HUGE way to trim your budget.

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