Holiday Checklist for Your Restaurant!


Holiday ChecklistAs the end of the year approaches, businesses across the country prepare for a busy holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) in hopes that their holiday-themed marketing campaigns and promotions will get them to reach established earnings goals for the year.

To launch a successful fourth quarter campaign, businesses must know their goals, revenue based and traffic based. Through organized marketing and communication a basic game plan should already be made, and expectations can STILL be met with a good holiday season.

No matter the size of your restaurant, below is a list of the basic strategies you should implement into your marketing strategy to drive traffic and sales to your restaurant. We’ve made a list, be sure to check it twice!

Marketing within’s Core Program

–          Decorate Your Initiatives: Set the mood of the season; the visual is the first impression. Make your customers feel special as a part of the season and help them forget about everything else. Don’t forget to spell out your holiday themes on your menus and/or promotions, website, social media, and other advertising.

–          Be Thankful: Send your customers an e-mail or text thanking them for their business. Incentivize them to come back in as a valued customer with an offer or a special.

–          Gift the Gift of Your Restaurant: With Gift Cards, receive cash now, and expect business later during the slower season. Marketing for the holiday season provides an opportunity for your restaurant to establish itself well into the New Year.

So why are these strategies important, especially for the holiday season?

Familiarity with your restaurant and its messaging leads to an increase in regular customers, which translates to more profit for you. Research shows that restaurants receive a $40 to $1 return on investment for text and e-mail marketing outreach (1). Data also shows that 25 percent of Gift Certificates don’t get used at all (2).

Remember, much of your holiday marketing effort is designed to establish relationships rather than to generate instant sales. As well as sales, you should track metrics like social shares and time spent engaging with your campaigns and content (3).

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