Three Things to do for Your Restaurant This Fall


squashesPlanning ahead can really boost your sales in the fall months. Not only is there a change of season on-hand with new ingredients and flavors, but there are some big events as well! With the kids heading back to school, football season starting and the long Labor Day weekend ahead, how will you bring in customers?

Put fall produce on the menu

Can your menu accommodate seasonal ingredients? Squash, apples, beets and pears are go-to fruits and veggies for the fall. How about adding seasonal cocktail to proactively give these diners what they are looking for? Spiced cider (with or without a little spiced rum) can really warm up your customers’ day!

Offer Sunday specials

shutterstock_46266502This could work two ways—for football fans OR families looking to spend mealtime together. Gametime promotions will always draw in a crowd—if you’re also offering the game for viewing. For those that aren’t looking to fill a bar, how about offering a family-style Sunday dinner with warm, cozy choices that everyone in the family will enjoy?

Reflect the season

chalkboard-text_croppedTaking extra time to update your restaurant décor to resonate the fall months can make the little difference that will bring your customers back for more. Going the extra mile brings a positive and fresh energy to your restaurant. Also, make sure your online presence follows that change of season as well.

Get a jump on the cool front settling in—and really impress your customers with your readiness and knowledge of the season.