Five Ways to Show Your Customers You Care


The busy holiday season is gone and past, and soon Valentine’s Day will be too. For you, it was promotion after promotion after promotion to keep tables full and customers happy. For your diner, it was deal after deal to take advantage of. So now that these big holidays have past, how do you keep your diner intrigued and still coming in to visit? Here’s five simple ways to keep you on their minds:


Getting feedback is not only a powerful tool to better your business; it also lets the diner know you care as well. Invite feedback in a multitude of ways—via email, online surveys, your website, even push them to a web link on their dining receipt. (HINT: Survey Monkey has free or affordable plans to set-up web-based surveys.) This will keep a recent dining experience, and your restaurant, fresh on their minds.


Take in the feedback you receive and do better from it. Bask in the glory of a positive or Yelp review and encourage your staff to keep it up. On the flip side, make sure you respond to a review that could’ve been better. Creating a sense of community and genuine concern in the dining experience will bring diners in. Instead of just another customer, you’ve shown them they are a person whose opinion matters.


When a customer contacts your business with a complaint or compliment, respond promptly with thanks or concern. If there’s a problem, fix it so a diner can leave happy. Turning a bad dining experience good almost always means a diner will not only share their experience with others, but return without hesitation.


Meet the needs of your customer by adapting your business to address their concerns. Communicate positive changes in your marketing  communication (email marketing is a great tool to do that)! Let your customer know that their opinions really do matter.


Emailing a coupon once in awhile never hurt a business. Give a diner a gift for sharing their concern, be it a free appetizer, a percentage off—or drinks on the house. CouponSpecialOfferAnother way to reward customers is through educating them. Create a newsletter on events in the area or tell a customer about a cause you support. Any way to identify with a diner is a way to get them to visit more often.

In this day and age, customers need more than just good food to bring them back. With dining choices aplenty, set your business apart from the rest by winning over the hearts and tummies of your diners!