FAQ’s: Restaurant.com Program Changes

Recently, Restaurant.com has made a few changes from a newly designed certificate to changes in the minimum spend.  Here’s a quick summary of those changes based on the questions we’ve heard from restaurant owners. 

1. Why did you change the design of the certificate?

While the quality of our product has continued to benefit restaurants and consumer for 15 years, the certificates were beginning to show their age. The new, easy-to-read format with a simplified layout is more user friendly for both staff and customers. The font size of the restaurant name increased too! And, the validation process is exactly same.  Read more about this change here.20493-Partner_Validation-Updated-2

2. What is the easiest way for wait staff to accept mobile certificates?

Mobile validation is actually easier and quicker to accept than paper certificates! There are a few ways to have your wait staff validate the certificate. After the server has reviewed the certificate denomination and minimum spend requirements from the diner’s smartphone, simply ask the diner to tap the ‘Validate’ button. Or, the server can quickly tap the ‘Validate Now’ button when the diner presents the certificate on a smartphone. There is no need to validate by calling the 1-800 number and manually entering the certificate number by phone. The server can copy down the certificate number when reviewing the certificate information if necessary. Some restaurants prefer to include it on the diner’s check or in the POS system for internal recording keeping. Or just log in to the Restaurant Management Center after to get all reporting from validated mobile certificates.  See more about the benefits of validating certificates to restaurant owners here.

3. What is the benefit for restaurant owners to validate certificates?

The validation of certificates is very important to receive all the backend data and analysis of how your restaurant is performing on the Restaurant.com marketing program. Without the validation, Restaurant.com does not know that the diner used the certificate. There are many automated programs that count on that validation!

For instance, immediately after a certificate is validated, a survey is automatically sent to the diner for feedback to rate and review their experience at your restaurant. This gives you valuable insights for future guests—even positive feedback can help. The validation process saves all corresponding data and information about that diners’ visit and presents the information in the Restaurant Management Center for your restaurant.

4. What benefits does Restaurant Management Center (RMC) have for the restaurant owner?

The RMC collects information for later analysis and allows easy access for the restaurant owner to see the performance. It shows the number of tables filled, customer email addresses, ability to pull marketing reports, as well as the diners’ feedback.

5.  Why did the number of digits contained in the certificate number change?

Recently, RestaurGiftCertificate_printed_generic_editedant.com certificate numbers had reached the use of all numbers with eight digits. Restaurant.com made the change from eight (8) digits to nine (9) digits contained in the certificate number. If you entered only eight of the nine digits, the response from the system will notify you that this certificate was already validated. Please try entering the certificate number again and ensure all nine digits are entered.