Customer Demand Now on Fast Food Menus


The rise of quick-service seasonal market-style eateries is inspiring the nation’s top fast food restaurants to make some serious changes to stay competitive.

In fact, National Restaurant News says three quarters of surveyed restaurants said they are planning to change their menus this year. (1) The reasons vary from adding more healthful options and changing for seasonality to maximizing profitability.

To keep you in the know, we’ve put together this quick rundown of fast food updates that you just might consider for your own restaurant.

HealthyOptionOffering Healthier Options

Responding to increasing health concerns, fast food chains are making changes to portion sizes and ingredients. Wendy’s decreased portion sizes and calorie counts (and prices!) with their Right Price, Right Size® menu. Meanwhile, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut have decreased their use of artificial ingredients, while keeping high calorie counts firmly in place. To help kids make better choices, Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonald’s removed soda from their kids’ menus—Wendy’s also removed the Frosty® from their children’s menu. (2)

Pumpkin drinkMaking Seasonal Updates

Starbucks has their pumpkin latte, Jack-in-the-Box has an Egg Nog Ice Cream Shake…what might you have? Fifty-one percent of fast-casual patrons polled indicated that they would be more likely to purchase items described as “seasonal.” Also, adding seasonal flavors and ingredients can strengthen the perception of fresh, higher-quality foods. (3)


taking photo of breakfastPiling on Breakfast

It’s reported that breakfast accounts for eighteen percent of daily restaurant traffic. (4) While breakfast is likely to remain in third place for restaurant meal share, it’s is easy to see that the potential is there. Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell and McDonald’s are all buying into that potential—with the golden arches now offering select breakfast items all day.


Building on Core Offerings

It’s common for restaurants to build on their current offerings, yet it’s even more common for them to have a flop than a hit. (5) One potential hit is from Edible Arrangements®. Famous for their delicious fresh-fruit bouquets, the company is taking what they do best to the next level by offering high-quality, take-out fruit smoothies and fruit treats at participating locations, called Edible to Go®. (6)

Feeling inspired to make some updates? If you’re not inclined to change up your menu, we can always help you change up your promotions. Simply call your Partner Success team at 1-877-640-1844.



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