Cooking Up Enticing Promotions markets your restaurant without the up-front, out-of-pocket costs that other marketing options serve. We boost your traffic and fill your empty tables with on-going marketing support. Read on on the ways to maximize your partnership with us.

Looking to boost business? BOGOs, ½ price nights and weekly specials are common restaurant promotions. Yet as a partner, you have a secret recipe for promotions: us! We give you all tools you need to get new (and existing!) customers in the door WITHOUT killing your bottom line.

WOW-worthy offers. You already know how certificates work for you. Our certificates give customers a killer deal with a minimum spend, which guarantees that you’ll make money on every table. That minimum spend covers at least the cost of food. And, if you train your staff to up-sell, each table is worth even more.

Email addresses. Spread the word of your restaurant via email. Take advantage of free, easy access to the emails of customers who’ve visited your restaurant—it’s one of the perks of validating your certificates. And, it’s an easy way to drive one-time diners back in! 24139_Dish3_620x300

Easy validation. As you know, validating certificates is quick and painless—and opens the door to even more email addresses and more reviews of your restaurant.

While you will still create your own promotions, be sure to include in your marketing mix. Let customers know you are a partner for proven, ongoing promotions, designed specifically to boost your business.