Check Out Our NRA Checklist

Are you going to the 2016 National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, May 21-24? It’s a great time to see the latest restaurant trends, network with industry professionals and explore new opportunities.


Don’t worry if you won’t be there, we will—and we’ll share our findings with you.

Here’s our list of things to check out at the NRA show:

  • Restaurant innovations—We’ll be looking for new ways to help restaurants optimize their websites for mobile, develop mobile apps, management inventory and new technology.
  • The latest in social media—From topic trends to time-saving apps, we want to know what our restaurant partners can do to grow their audience and business.
  • Text and email trends—Are there new updates or innovations to help restaurants better communicate with diners?
  • Food trends—We’ll be tasting, sipping and taking notes to help you keep your menu up to date with overall trends, preparation ideas, sauces, sides and more.

That’s our list! But if you’ve ever been to an NRA show, you know that there’s so much more to do, see, learn and taste. Please be sure to check back for our full report.