Change of Seasons!


shutterstock_53955292_webBelieve it or not, regardless of what your outside view tells you, Spring is almost here! Spring brings new life into this world and brings old life out of hibernation. This is similar to the same pattern as your customer base. You will see new faces that have moved into the neighborhood over the past few months and you will see old faces as they pull themselves out of their winter dormancy and back in the public eye. Customers are ready for sunshine and ready to get back on the right track!

Your customers are ready for change; so now the question is, are you? Take a good look at your restaurant and see if there is any “spring cleaning” that you might be able to do to prepare you for this change of season. Ask yourself the following two questions:

Is my menu ready to accommodate springtime diners?

Don’t forget that right after spring is summer and you will have diners looking to shed that extra winter weight before swimsuit season hits. Can you market fresh produce and a seasonal type of drink to pro-actively give these diners what they are looking for? Can you come up with creative names for your food or include nutritional value on your items to eliminate the guesswork from your consumer? I’ll gladly pay a little extra for my meal knowing that I’m getting a healthy choice.

Does my online presence reflect my restaurant at this time of year?

This is often an easy fix that gets overlooked. It’s March and I’m looking for a new restaurant to try as the weather warms up across the country. Imagine if a diner would go online and look at your restaurant’s website and still see pictures up from the winter. This doesn’t entice the diner to get out and get into that springtime feel.

Diners want the energy of a positive season – this is the season of new life, give it to them! Diners want to eat at a restaurant that is just as excited about having them, as they are to eat there. They want you to seduce them with your style. A couple of picture changes and lighting and decoration changes, and you have yourself a customer that is wrapped up in the atmosphere you’ve created.

A little extra effort makes a world of difference at your restaurant. The consumer notices that you’ve gone the extra mile and that you care about their experience. It is easy to get stuck in a rut and forget to differentiate March 20th from March 21st, but the simple truth is, you can’t! Your customers are excited to get out of the house and the calendar tells us it’s time, regardless of what the view outside the window is telling us. Even if it takes a few extra weeks to get the weather to pull through, you can still make it springtime in your restaurant. Find out what the customers in your area are looking for and give it to them. Create the environment that they want to be a part of!