Certificate Validation: What’s In It For You?

You’re a Restaurant.com Partner, marketed on Restaurant.com and other digital marketing, a certificate was sold, and a new customer has dined at your restaurant. Congratulations! And now comes the most important part of the Restaurant.com program for your business: certificate validation. What Is The Point Of Validating? Validation triggers a stream of invaluable insights about your customers and their experiences at your restaurant, which can be viewed right within the Restaurant Management Center (RMC):

  • View the number of tables that have been filled at your restaurant
  • Generate marketing reports
  • Capture customer email addresses for your restaurant’s use
  • Gather customer feedback that includes verified ratings and reviews

Validation Is Easy And Instant, Especially On Mobile. 20493-Partner_Validation-Updated-2You know the challenges of running a business, so we make it super simple to validate to get the most from this marketing program. It takes seconds to complete.  Here’s how:

  • On your customer’s smartphone, just hit “validate now” or if you’d prefer, the diner can also do it.
  • If it’s not by mobile, simply call 1-888-905-GIFT (4438) and punch in the certificate number.
  • Click here to print out a simple sheet with steps for validating mobile certs as well as paper ones.

And The Survey Says. Verified Diner The survey itself is worth its weight in validation, and the only way to generate it is by validating the certificate. Once their certificate has been validated, a triggered email communication is sent to the diner who purchased the certificate, prompting them to award a star rating and review of their experience at your restaurant. Here’s the information we ask your diners to provide us with:

  • The overall dining experience
  • The service
  • The quality of the food

That means when potential new customers are looking for a restaurant, they know that what they read is the real deal – no anonymous web users posting fake reviews here! It’s always Verified Diner Reviews, guaranteeing diners will get an authentic take on their experience. More and more customers are purchasing and redeeming their gift certificates by mobile, and it’s by far the easier way to process, validate, and see the success of your marketing program with Restaurant.com. No matter how you choose to validate gift certificates, we encourage you to do so. It gives you invaluable insight into the impact the Restaurant.com marketing initiatives have on your restaurant’s bottom line, and helps us customize the best program for your unique business needs. If you have any questions about the validation process at any time, please be sure to call the Partner Success Team at 1-877-640-1844, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST. We’re here to help and excited to see your business succeed.