Capitalize On Your Busy Season to Fill Tables Year-Round


Vince's summer blog imageAh, the joy of being a kid running through the halls on the last day of school, excited for the summer to officially begin.  This excitement shouldn’t just be reserved for kids on a three-month vacation. Restaurant owners have every reason to be just as excited as the summertime opens up many opportunities to thrive during this wonderful season.  Warmer weather, tourist season ramping up, and the family’s hectic schedules slowing down all add up to one fantastic thing: MORE BUSINESS FOR YOU!

Your busy season may seem like a logical time to slow down your marketing efforts, but it’s quite the opposite. Summer is the perfect time to ramp them up!  In fact, the busy summer season can be your best opportunity to get in front of more customers with the message or experience you want them to remember later in the year.

How can you do that?  Try a simple loyalty program by passing out punch cards with a prize that expires after Labor Day. Birthday giveaways are also a great add – who wouldn’t want to return to the restaurant that surprised them with complimentary ice cream on their special day? These are all things you can begin now, during your busy time, that will assist you in staying profitable when the season slows.

Another great summer marketing tactic is email marketing.  If you’re a partner, you’re already a step ahead because we provide you with a list of customer email addresses. Do you have an outdoor beer garden, live entertainment, or a bags tournament?  Whatever your summer attraction is, you have a list of people WAITING to hear about it.  Let them know what they can expect of your restaurant in the summer that they didn’t see the last time they came in.  Throw in a little hook such as a half-price appetizer or a complimentary drink and you’re sure to lock in their interest. Today, your customers WANT to hear from you and are looking for a reason to get out of the house. Send them a message and be that reason!