Bring the Kids! Inexpensive Ways to Attract Families and Build Business


According to a survey1, parents enjoy dining out with their kids! In fact, 59 percent of parents dine out with their children once a week or more. That’s a perfect opportunity for you to attract a loyal family following.

Beyond offering high chairs, how do you attract pint-size diners—and their eager-to-not-cook-dinner house parents—without incurring big expenses? Read on!

Offer a Kids’ Menu

Keep it simple—40% of families prefer American cuisine, with Italian being preferred by 25%.1 So, think hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken nuggets and spaghetti. And remember to post that kids’ menu online, where parents can see it!

kids with parents

Give Activities—but Don’t Go Overboard

Crayons and paper is great according to 53 percent of surveyed parents. You probably don’t need more than that, as 74 percent of parents report that good, old-fashioned conversation is the best entertainment.1

Offer Dining Deals

Let families know about your partnership! According to our survey, nearly all respondents (96 percent!) have used a coupon or a deal when dining out with their children.

mothers day group out

Train Your Staff

If your staff gets annoyed by kids, it will show. By training staff to treat all ages with respect, to be flexible and to offer families larger tables when possible, you can turn families into repeat customers.2

Bring Food Out Fast!

Not only will short wait times turn over tables faster, but it will help keep kids from getting bored and restless.3 This means fast service will be appreciated by everyone involved.

Offer Early Bird Family Events

Turn non-peak hours into family time with singalongs and family dining events. It’s a great way to keep your restaurant busy during slow periods.3

mom with 2 kids

Serve Kid-Happy Drinks

Cups with lids are a great way to go—and eliminate inevitable spills. But if you don’t want that expense, serve kids’ drinks in short glasses—and don’t fill them to the brim. Pitcher of drinks are another option that families appreciate.

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