Are You Ready for Thanksgiving Weekend?


The holidays are here and in just a couple short weeks will be in full swing. Have you made any special preparations to ready your staff and restaurant for the biggest shopping (and dining) days of the year? This time of year, the strong survive and thrive, so make sure you’re ready to weather the storm of diners. There’s no reason why weary shoppers shouldn’t choose your restaurant for their refueling—be prepared!

Extra Wait Staff

Keeping diners, needing a break from the lines and constant hustle and bustle, happy can be an easy feat. One, don’t make them wait long. And two, fill their bellies and get them on their way. They’ve been rushing from store to store looking for the best deals. They’ve been waiting in lines with arms full of clothes, toys and electronics. Give them the break they’re looking for! Create a pleasant dining experience by presenting a smiley server there to cater to their needs—without a wait, without a hassle and without the worry that you’re going to run out. Make sure your wait staff isn’t overwhelmed by the constant rush of the holidays. And, if RestaurantPrepthey are, bring more staff on to accommodate.

Be Prepared for the Rush

To keep these busy days flowing smoothly, it’s a smart idea to keep things stocked and ready to grab should you need them. Purchase extra booze for the bar, especially if it’s featured in a holiday cocktail. Also, have your expo line prepare back ups of popular food items. Have extra receipt paper close by and a bright-eyed manager ready to handle a hectic day.

Have Fun with Deals

Hey, if the retail store down the way can do it, why can’t you? Black Friday? Blackened Cajun Chicken Special. Or, a Power Lunch at 10AM. Get clever and entice your diners. They’ll be coming in waves throughout the day, why not make them smile while they’re there? Go BOGO on an appetizer or create a fun cocktail. Get eager diners in and out by offering free lunch if it takes more than 30 minutes. Catchy promotions can keep diners coming back all through the holidays!

Offer CateringCateringSign

Communicate that your restaurant offers catering—and even last-minute Thanksgiving orders. Yes, many families cook through this holiday, but some just want to sit back and relax. Nearly 30 million Americans have made restaurants a part of their Thanksgiving tradition in recent years. Sixteen million plan to go out for Thanksgiving and another 13 million will cater part or all of their holiday meal.* Advertise your catering on table caddies or stapled to a check. Play it up even more by offering a discount that encourages them to order more like “Order a 20lb. turkey with two sides and get a free pie or dessert of your choice”!

Cheers to making the holiday months a success!