Selected Restaurants: Plates of Thanks Giveaway

UPDATE: Plates of Thanks Giveaway

We’re delivering gifts of gratitude! To celebrate our milestone of 20,000 restaurants, diners and restaurant professionals nominated 20 restaurants that were well-loved but needed some extra support. We then worked with the nominated restaurants to identify solutions that would help them grow their business.

Our Plates of Thanks Giveaway will provide 20 independent restaurants with equipment, décor, marketing support and more. Of the recipients, these five restaurants were presented their gifts by the team in person:

Due Amici Pizza. Bringing authentic Italian cuisine and true New York style pizza to Tampa, Florida, this restaurant can up their marketing game with new logo and new menus.

Kimi’s Bistro. To elevate the customer experience, we hand-delivered new napkins and menus to this cool, casual spot in the Little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta.

Prost! Serving German beer and cuisine, the restaurant received plants and landscaping to complement their classic German beer-hall décor and attract new customers.

Randi’s Restaurant & Bar. This friendly Italian-American restaurant brings dining and entertainment to Philadelphia. We were proud to provide funds for a convection oven to help them expand their menu.

Truffles and Bacon Café. To support this Las Vegas eatery, we provided a new food processor. They’ll use the new equipment to expand their already-delicious menu.

But wait! There’s more! We delivered gifts to 15 additional independent restaurants across the nation!

To attract new customers in Houston, Best Soul Food In Town, a partner since 2014, was given marketing support with advertising and promotional assistance.

Broadway Bar & Grill in St. Paul Park, Minnesota gets a 2-top stove burner and kitchen upgrades to help them meet local codes. They’ve partnered with us since 2014.

A partner since 2011, Cathay Center in Weymouth, Massachusetts, receives landscaping to clean up their exterior after a tree fell on their property.

To elevate their exterior and patio décor, City Diner in Orlando, Florida are the recipients of exterior upgrades to attract more customers.

New partner, Coney Island Café in St. Petersburg, Florida upgrades their technology with a new iPad with POS.

In Brooklyn, Flavors Paradise enhances their marketing and customer experience with new uniforms, website and business cards. They’ve been a partner since 2014.

Thanks to new awnings and landscaping, Harold’s Koffee House in Omaha improves their curb-side appeal and make their community even more beautiful.

In Carlsbad, California, Linda’s Yogurt & Deli receives an interior upgrade with new paint and furniture. This helps our one-year partner improve customer satisfaction and invite customers to linger.

Lotus Leaf Café in Wichita receives local advertising support. One of our partners 2014, they wanted to expand their customer base through magazine advertising.

Park’s Old Style Bar-B-Q in Detroit, a partner since 2012, attracts more customers with cosmetic upgrades and advertising support.

The pasta machine at The Pasta Tree, a partner since 2009, receives a much-needed tune up to bring their Milwaukee kitchen up to speed.

A partner for almost 6 years, Washington DC’s Senbeb Café receives a new hanging interior sign that displays their menu to help improve speed and efficiency.

To stand out in their Seattle neighborhood, a new blue awning was delivered to Yanni’s Greek Restaurant, a popular partner since 2010.

Zesty Zzeek’s Pizza, a new partner, wants a new awning to improve the exterior and appeal of their Phoenix location.

And finally, Zig Zag Pizza in Shelby Township, Michigan, also receives an iPad with POS software to update their technology and improve service.

By the end of the Plates of Thanks campaign, we delivered more than $30,000 in gifts. We’re proud to be able to give back to independent restaurants, the heart of America’s communities—and the cornerstone of our success—through our Plates of Thanks campaign.

The campaign will also include a sweepstakes for diners and gifts to help America’s small businesses attract new customers.