3 Ways to Feel Better About Paid Sick Days


It might surprise you to know that 51 percent of food workers said they “always” or “frequently” go to work when they’re sick.1

Unsettling statistics like this have resulted in paid sick day (or paid sick leave) standards being set across the country, with Chicago being the most recent. In June, the Chicago City Council unanimously approved an ordinance requiring workers to receive paid sick days after being with a company for six months.2

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While paid sick days may not be required for your city or state now, it’s an emerging trend that you might need (or want) to adapt at some point. As you may consider this bad news, we explored how paid sick days could actually be good your restaurant.

Happier Employees

Paid sick days can improve worker morale and productivity. They let workers address health needs (for themselves and their children) without putting their economic security at risk. Offering paid sick days off can also help you attract more talented employees.3

Less Turnover and Cost Savings


The restaurant/food service industry has a staggering employee turnover rate – 72.1% in 2015.4 And as you know, turnover can be costly! Paid sick days can make employees happier (see above) and help to reduce employee turnover, which saves you time and money.3

Better Dining Experiences

As a diner, nothing is worse than getting sick after a delicious meal. Unfortunately, sick employees can transmit illnesses to other employees or, even worse, pass them to customers.5 By offering paid sick days, you could protect your dining experience and reputation.


Adding paid sick days to your business can be challenging. Yet now that five states and 25 cities across the country have added ordinances and laws requiring paid sick days, it’s a reality you might need to consider for your restaurant.

There’s a lot of information on this topic, so we encourage you to learn more by clicking through the links below. Click here to see which states and cities have legislation on paid sick days.



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